Author: Alex Di Nunzio



The SICIB (Sistema Interactivo de Composicion e Improvisacion para Bailarines) is a computer system based on the use of sensors for interactive music composition. The system allows to obtain musical […]

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Sensorband is a musical project involving Edwin van der Heide, Atau Tanaka and Zbigniew Karkowski. It is characterized by the use of computers with devices such as bioelectric sensors, infrared […]

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RTCmix is a computer music software that looks like a new version of Cmix (by Paul Lansky), but able to work, unlike its predecessor, even in real time.

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Music IVF

Music IVF is a sounds synthesis software developed by Arthur Roberts. Belongs to the Music N family and maintains a direct relationship with the Music IV. It was the first […]

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JSyn is a tool for real time sounds synthesis. It is based on Units Generator concept introduced with Music N and is suitable to be used for stand-alone applications or […]

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JMSL is a language based on Java, for experimenting with algorithmic music composition, live performance and the realization of intelligent tools.

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Illiac Suite

The Illiac Suite is the first musical composition for traditional instruments that was made through computer-assisted composition by Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Isaacson.

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Music IVB

The Music IVB is a computer music software for sound synthesis. It was the first, among the Music N, to be developed outside of Bell Labs and research conducted by […]

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Music IV

Music IV is a sound synthesis software for computer music. In chronological order is the fourth Music N programming language. Less obvious features, than its predecessor Music III, but equally […]

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