Author: Alex Di Nunzio


Lejaren Hiller

Lejaren Arthur Hiller Jr., pronounced Luh-jare-en (New York, 1924 – Buffalo, 1994), has been a music composer but unusual, because his training took place first of all as chemist, and after as composer.

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Musicomp is a software developed in the mid-Seventies at Experimental Music Studios of the University of Illinois. It was designed for assisted composition of musical scores.

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Phrase is a software developed in the mid-Seventies by the computer music pioneer Lejaren Hiller. He used it for compositions such as A Preview of Coming Attractions (1975), and Persiflage for flute, oboe […]

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Scape is the new musical app designed by the famous electronic music composer Brian Eno and his partner Peter Chilvers. After a previous iOS app called Bloom, the two musicians […]

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Pitch Painter

Pitch Painter is a Morton Subotnick’s app for the Ipad, designed for kids from 3 to 5 year-olds. It has been realized for teaching goals, to help children to understand […]

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Max/Msp (by now simply Max) is a visual programming language for developing software for musical and multimedia applications, available in real time. Today is one of the most important and […]

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Miller Puckette

Miller Puckette is a U.S. mathematician, famous in the musical context for his developing work of music software. He is the developer of Max/Msp and Pure Data, two of the […]

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Music500 is a music software designed by Miller Puckette in 1983 at MIT, Boston. It was developed for the AP500 vector signal processor. The Music500 is the antecedent of the […]

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M is a software realized in 1984 by Miller Puckette at MIT, Boston. It was designed as a sort of utilities for a previous music software, named Music500. M would […]

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