Title: Computer music, musica elettronica Author: James Dashow Label: Edizioni Musicali EDI-PAN Year: 1982 Duration: 00:46.51 James Dashow is an American-born composer who for many years has chosen Italy as his new country of residence. His musical education took place alongside major figures such as Milton Babbitt and James Randall, Princeton […]

James Dashow – Computer Music, musica elettronica

Title: Computer Music Retrospective Composer: Lejaren Hiller Label: Wergo Year: 1986 Tracks: 10 Duration: 0:55.23 This collection of music composed by Hiller Lejaren through a computer, was published after the presentation which he presided in Japan on behalf of the United States Information Agency at the Universal Exposition in Tsukuba, […]

Lejaren Hiller – Computer Music Retrospective