Title: The Development and Practice of Electronic Music Edited by: Jon Appleton, Ronald Perera Publisher: Prentice-Hall Year: 1975 Pages: 384 Some interesting electronic music personalities gathered together for this book edited by Jon Appleton and Ronald Perera, with a large part which includes computer music.

Jon Appleton, Ronald Perera – The Development and Practice of ...

Title: Experimental Music: Composition With an Electronic Computer Authors: Lejaren Hiller, Leonard Isaacson Publisher: McGraw-Hill Year: 1959 Pages: 214 In 1956 Lejaren Hiller, a composer born chemist, suggested that a computer, properly programmed, it could be used as a support tool for composing music.

Lejaren Hiller, Leonard Isaacson – Experimental Music: Composition With an ...

Title: The Virtual Sound Authors: Riccardo Bianchini, Alessandro Cipriani Edition: ConTempo Year: 1998 Pages: 603 Attachment: CD-Rom The Virtual Sound by Bianchini and Cipriani can be considered, along with The Csound Book by Richard Boulanger, a reference text for those interested in computer music and the use of Csound, the […]

Riccardo Bianchini, Alessandro Cipriani – The Virtual Sound