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Cmusic is a computer music software developed by Richard Moore. It was the first, among the Music N, to be written in C. Used with CARL System, Cmusic was capable […]

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Common Music

COMMON MUSIC is a object-oriented multiplatform software, designed for the computer-assisted music composition. It allows to interface with many software developed for sound synthesis and control. In April 2011 was […]

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Computer Synthi

After the realization of EMS Synthi 100 hybrid synthesizer, Peter Zinovieff and colleagues of the Electronic Music Studios in London, decided to make a new version, easier than its predecessor. […]

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Since I deal with the history of computer music as I could not dedicate an article to this subject also? For many readers far from new but definitely important to form […]

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Csound is a computer music software that belongs to the Music N family. The first version was built in the mid-eighties, over the years has undergone at many changes that […]

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DSP Station

The DSP Station is a system developed at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) of Pierre Schaeffer for the Motorola 56001 processor control. It was designed to work in deferred […]

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EMS Synthi 100

When talking about the Synthi 100 may happen to make some confusion about what the acronym actually means. Commonly the name Synthi 100 means the modular analog synthesizer made ​​in the […]

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Escamol is a computer music software designed for the generation of scores executable through other software or computer music languages.

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Gcomp is an interactive software based on a graphical approach, developed at the Queem’s University, Ontario. It was designed for processing and mixing sound files generated by Cmusic or recorded […]

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Giuseppe Di Giugno

Giuseppe Di Giugno (Bengasi, 1937) is a physicist, graduated from the University of Rome, that initially worked in the energy sector, collaborating even with the Cern of Ginevra in the Seventies.

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