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Graphic 1

The Graphic 1 is a hybrid system (hardware and software) for graphics communication between user and computer. It was developed by William Ninki at Bell Labs in 1965. The system, […]

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GRM Tools

GRM Tools, created at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) of Pierre Schaeffer, is a package of software and utilities for sound synthesis and processing. It was developed over a […]

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GROOVE is a hybrid system for sound synthesis and control in real-time, developed in the seventies by Max Mathews and Richard Moore.

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Groupe de Recherches Musicales

Since the mid-twentieth-century electronic music began to emerge through two different trends: that of Cologne, called Elektronische Musik, and that of Pierre Schaeffer, called Musique Concrète who identifies with the […]

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HMSL is an object-oriented programming language developed over nearly a decade by Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom and Phil Burk. It is designed to help the composer in the real-time computer […]

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HPSCHD is a large and complex multimedia work, carried out by two particular stars of American music: John Cage, among the most controversial composers of the twentieth century, and Lejaren […]

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Illiac Suite

The Illiac Suite is the first musical composition for traditional instruments that was made through computer-assisted composition by Lejaren Hiller and Leonard Isaacson.

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JMSL is a language based on Java, for experimenting with algorithmic music composition, live performance and the realization of intelligent tools.

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JSyn is a tool for real time sounds synthesis. It is based on Units Generator concept introduced with Music N and is suitable to be used for stand-alone applications or […]

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Lejaren Hiller

Lejaren Arthur Hiller Jr., pronounced Luh-jare-en (New York, 1924 – Buffalo, 1994), has been a music composer but unusual, because his training took place first of all as chemist, and after as composer.

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Les Ateliers Upic

Les Ateliers UPIC is the name CEMAMu founded in 1985 in Paris by Iannis Xenakis and the French composer Maurice Fleuret and Iannis Xenakis, who was also a composer. Formally, […]

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M is a software realized in 1984 by Miller Puckette at MIT, Boston. It was designed as a sort of utilities for a previous music software, named Music500. M would […]

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