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Musicomp is a software developed in the mid-Seventies at Experimental Music Studios of the University of Illinois. It was designed for assisted composition of musical scores.

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The name MUSYS indicates a series of programs made by Peter Grogono and Peter Zinovieff in the early seventies at the Electronic Music Studios in London (EMS), born institutionalizing the […]

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Patcher is a graphical interface designed by Miller Puckette for Max/Msp. It allowed users to make patch for sound synthesis or to control device simply moving graphic objects in the […]

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Patchmix is a graphical interface, developed in X and C++ language, designed to facilitate the construction of virtual instruments, compatible with the Cmix, software of the Music N family developed […]

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Phase Vocoder

Phase Vocoder is one of the most popular methods of analysis/resynthesis of sound spectrum that develops, in the digital domain, concepts already adopted for the Vocoder by Homer Dudley. Traditionally […]

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Phrase is a software developed in the mid-Seventies by the computer music pioneer Lejaren Hiller. He used it for compositions such as A Preview of Coming Attractions (1975), and Persiflage for flute, oboe […]

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PLA is a software designed to help the composer in writing computer scores, able to speed up the work of defining the musical parameters; generating outputs also compatible with many […]

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Pure Data

Today Pure Data is a visual programming language, which allows you to develop software for music composition, or simply a language for making music, free and open source. But, from […]

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RTCmix is a computer music software that looks like a new version of Cmix (by Paul Lansky), but able to work, unlike its predecessor, even in real time.

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Samson Box

The Samson Box is a digital synthesizer driven by a computer. Has been designed and built by Peter Samson for the Stanford University. In the literature it is also called […]

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Sensorband is a musical project involving Edwin van der Heide, Atau Tanaka and Zbigniew Karkowski. It is characterized by the use of computers with devices such as bioelectric sensors, infrared […]

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