Common Music

COMMON MUSIC is a object-oriented multiplatform software, designed for the computer-assisted music composition. It allows to interface with many software developed for sound synthesis and control. In April 2011 was […]

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HMSL is an object-oriented programming language developed over nearly a decade by Larry Polansky, David Rosenboom and Phil Burk. It is designed to help the composer in the real-time computer […]

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Developed for communication purposes, the Vocoder has had a successful implementation in the field of music. Created as an analog model in the late thirties, it was possible, then, also […]

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W is a computer music software developed by Roger Dannenberg. It is based on object-oriented programming and is designed for real-time. In later years, his legacy has been collected from […]

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Trevor Wishart

Trevor Wishart is a composer who has devoted most of his career to composing music through the computer. Very important is their role in the development, teaching and promotion of […]

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The Syter is a real-time computer music system developed at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) in Paris since the mid-seventies. It was used until the mid-nineties before being replaced by […]

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