Title: Xenakis Authors: Various Edited by: Enzo Restagno Publisher: EDT Year: 1988 Pages: 315 After the first chapter of Enzo Restagno, you can read an intervention by the Czech writer Milan Kundera, who writes what distinguishes Iannis Xenakis by all the great composers who lived before him: the latter opposed, with their […]

AA. VV. – Xenakis

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HPSCHD is a large and complex multimedia work, carried out by two particular stars of American music: John Cage, among the most controversial composers of the twentieth century, and Lejaren Hiller, a pioneer of computer music.


Title: Aix Author: Giuseppe Ielasi Label: 12k Year: 2009 Tracks: 9 Duration: 0:31.23 Vote: 8/10 The first impression one gets from listening to Aix, for those who know the discography of the Italian composer, is that this album closes a cycle, which began with the two previous works, August (2007), and […]

Giuseppe Ielasi – Aix

In recent weeks, Radiohead have released the new version of the free app PolyFauna, a project for iOS and Android designed by Thom Yorke born with the collaboration with producer Nigel Godrich and illustrator Stanley Donwood, longtime collaborators of the British group.

PolyFauna, the Radiohead’s app

When you are writing of software for audio free and open source, I believe that the first thought in the vast majority of cases, falls on Audacity, a powerful tool very appreciated by professionals and amateurs; as well as the best free software for processing digital audio.

A great audio editor and recorder: Audacity

LMMS is a software that turns your computer into a digital workstation dedicated to music composition. So far there is nothing particularly new, think about it.

Compose music with your PC: LMMS

Title: Traiettoria, Spirali Author: Marco Stroppa Label: Ricordi/Stradivarius Year: 2008 Tracks: 5 Duration: 1:04.26 Marco Stroppa is an important name in contemporary Italian music; although I think it’s most known and appreciated abroad than in Italy; a consideration that seems to be confirmed in the long list of appointments and […]

Marco Stroppa – Traiettoria, Spirali

Title: Electronic and Acoustics Works 1957-1972 Author: Vladimir Ussachevsky Label: New World Records Year: 2007 Duration: 1:03.55 Vladimir Ussachevsky is a very interesting figure in the American music scene of the twentieth century, especially for his deep interest in the many stimuli that have fueled the music of his era.

Vladimir Ussachevsky – Electronic and Acoustics Works 1957-1972

Title: The Music of My Time Authoress: Joan Peyser Publisher: Pro/Am Music Resources Year: 1995 Pages: 474 Musicologist, biographer, journalist for the New York Times, the first woman to head the journal The American Quarterly (1977/1984), Joan Peyser, who died in 2011, was an important figure in contemporary musicology in the United States.

Joan Peyser – The Music of My Time

Title: Electronic Music Author: Andy Mackay Publisher: Control Data Publishing Year: 1981 Pages: 124 Andy Mackay, saxophonist of the Roxy Music band, here as a popularizer with a book that offers itself as a small and easy encyclopedia on electronic music.

Andy Mackay – Electronic Music

Title: Electronic Music Production Author: Alan Douglas Publisher: Tab Books Year: 1973 Pages: 148 Tab Books is a publishing house of the seventies specializing in publications of technological interest, designed as introductory manuals for issues such as the Hi-Fi, audio in general, technology and electronics for hobbyists and so on.

Alan Douglas – Electronic Music Production