Aria Maestosa is a great software for those interested in a complete and professional use of their midi files but without having to pay licensing costs. Yes, Aria Maestosa is a MIDI editor and sequencer available free and open source under GPL license.

It is characterized by a very practical and intuitive GUI, and allows you to compose, edit and play midi files through an approach very smooth and slender.

Aria Maestosa is available for the most popular operating systems: Mac, Linux and Windows. Any difficulties are reported only for XP users, but can be easily fixed by reading this article.

The software is also affected by a good community that works not only for the development and improvement of the program but also takes care of the translations into other languages. At the moment Aria Maestosa is available in English, French and Czech language. Everyone can participate in the translation project simply going to this page, which explains the projects that are already closed and those still in progress.

A screen shot of Aria Maestosa which illustrates the different parts of the GUI.

Even the handbook is affected by the same work (currently available in English, French, Greek and Serbian/Croatian). I have made a pdf version of the manual, that you can see in html version directly on the official website at this link.

The main features of this midi sequencer can be summarized as follows:

  • Multitrack display
  • Several edition modes: score, keyboard (piano-roll), guitar tablature, drums
  • Importazione ed esportazione di file midi (.mid)
  • Gestione del tempo avanzata (possibilità di modifiche in corso di esecuzione)
  • Esportazione in formato wav.
  • Possibilità di lavorare su più progetti contemporaneamente

If you want to get an idea of how the software is, you can see a video recorded and uploaded from a home user. It is not very well made ​​but I found it useful to get a general idea:

Aria Maestosa  is an excellent application for managing projects midi, at least for those who seek a comprehensive software without too much complexity and carrying out their jobs well. To download Aria Maestosa, in all its versions, simply follow this link and click on that related to your operating system.

  • Juan Maria Solare

    But Sibelius or Finale are not MIDI editors, or am I mistaken? Of course, they export as MIDI, but – can for instance Sibelius edit MIDI in detail, with an acceptable GUI? I never saw that.

    I am searching a (free or inexpensive) good MIDI editor, up to now the short list is Aria Maestosa, but also Mulab or Podium or Anvil Studio. I guess your choice is Aria Maestosa, isn’t it? The point is… I want to get the job done, not learning 4 programmes and decide later…
    belle cose,

    Juan María

  • Shadi

    I’ve been using Aria Maestosa for 2 months now, and it’s quite a nice piece of music composition software! It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of expensive DAWs (digital audio workstations), which are hardly needed and only overwhelm and distract a newb composer. Not only is A.M. free (unlike those), but it’s quite intuitive (as the article noted), and the sound quality is also better than one would expect. For people who are fluent in reading *sheet* music and want to compose their own that way, I’d recommend considering a more dedicated *notation software* such as Finale or Sibelius, but for others who want to produce make music piano-roll way, especially beginning composers, look no further!

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