A nice little game, but also an interesting application developed in openFrameworks by Eric Rosenbaum, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab: MmmTsss is a free software, available for Mac and Windows.

Eric Rosenbaum is working on projects that enhance the improvised musical performance, and that they are able to make the approach to the music first and foremost a game. All this is summed up in MmmTsss, an exceptional sound recorder outside of which the main feature is to put it all in the loop, allowing the creation of bases and loops of any kind.

A screenshot of MmmTsss. The circular sequencer is represented graphically by a circle in which overlap the different recorded tracks.

But why this name, MmmTsss? Eric writes on his website:

It’s a sound: a bass drum in your throat (mmm) and then a little hi-hat on your teeth (tsss). Do this over and over, bobbing your head, and you’ve got your own party. Mmmtsss mmmtsss mmmtsss mmmtsss….

In short, the kind of sounds that each of us has sometimes tried to imitate to emit the rhythm tracks of dance music. To register, simply press the left button, the same to stop the recording. But to better understand the functioning of this small software, watch this video:

If you are interested to download the application click here if you are Mac users, or here if you are Windows users. If you want to leave a comment for Eric, this is his site.

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