Sodaphonic is a small audio editor available as a web app, free and easy to use.Suitable for those who need a fast audio editing – pass me the expression that perhaps calls procedures far more complex than those possible with this tool. However Sodaphonic was born to perform well the few operations for which it was designed.
If you need to record an audio file, all you have to do is click the record button and speak into your microphone. At the end of the operations you just have to download the file audio in mp3 or wave format.
If you have just graduated from the Academy of Music at some Conservatory or Academy, then this post is not for you. If instead you are in command of a beautiful class of future composers, then Sodaphonic is a nice little game to start your students to the magic of the audio editing, without the need to install software or strange plugins.
If you want to try it, follow this address:
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