A new audio effects plugin for the Nanopack series, available on the website of GlitchMachines, the company founded by Ivo Ivanov, sound designer graduated at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, California, who has worked for Ableton and Twisted Tools as well as a developer of custom tools for artists such as Trent Reznor and Richard Devine.In 2005 he founded the GlitchMachines, a company specialized in the development and sale of audio software and sound effects to be used in musical composition finalized for many goals, such as gaming industry for example.

An interesting feature is that the Glitchmachines over the paid products have created a series of products available for free download, all, ensure the company, with the same quality of those not free.

The last plugin is Fracture, to be used as VST with your favorite music software (Ableton, ProTools, etc.); it allows to obtain robotic effects, capable to remember technology failures.

A screenshot of Fracture.

Fracture is equipped with an intuitive interface, a buffer effect, a multimode filter, three oscillators and a delay. It lends itself to being connected to many other sound devices like rhythmic loops generators, synth lines or other sound effects. This is the link for the download (the procedure for downloading plans to add the plugin into your cart, as if you were to buy something, when you have finished downloading done all that you have selected). A preview to be listen:

The previous plugin is Shadows, a small library of 50 sound effects made ​​directly by Ivo Ivanov. They are  dark drones, sound sequences and horror sonic textures.

To download the 550 Mb of this library (the sampling frequency is 96kHz in wav format) click the Add to Cart button at this link.

More big, in numerical terms, the plugin published before Shadows and also made by Ivo Ivanov: Proximity, about 150 sound effects that reproduce the sounds of modular synthesizers realized by other companies such as Malekko and Harvestman. Bass sounds, glitches, electronic beeps and more in the package than 160 Mb to download from this page. To give you an idea:

Other 100 sound effects to complete the Nanopack free audio plugin serie: Spore and Cybernetics, both realized by Ivo Ivanov.

Spore collects 50 high-resolution effects of bass sounds, drones and sounds without any categorization (as the author says). The library of 550 Mb can be downloaded via the plugin page which you can reach by clicking here. Listen to the preview:

Cybernetics is the first sound library published for the Nanopack serie. 50 sound effects of robotic type, with metallics shades and other various sound elaborations. To download this pack click the official page.  Now, listen:


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