Escamol is a computer music software designed for the generation of scores executable through other software or computer music languages.

Brief history – Escamol was developed by Roberto Morales-Manzanares in the early nineties. It was developed in Prolog language and has been designed as a work tool capable of generating computer scores based onf grammatical rules, to be able to use later with other languages or external software such as Aura and Csound, the latter belonging to Music N family.

Features – Equipped with a graphical interface implemented in Tcl/Tk, Escamol was used in particular in the SICIB system. The main feature is the ability to generate output can be managed through the MIDI protocol, Csound and Aura, a software by Roger Dannenberg. The link with external software allows Escamol can be used in real time.[1]


For this topic I’ve read:

[1] Roberto  Morales-Manzanares, Non Deterministic  Automatons Controlled by Rules for Composition, Proceedings of  International Computer Conference, San Francisco, 1992.

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