Music IVBF is a computer music software. This is an updated version of the previous Music IVB. Has been realized with Fortran.

Background history – In 1965 the availability of new computers built with integrated circuit technology led many researchers to rethink their programs aim to replace the assembler with high-level languages like Fortran. This motivation also led the Princeton researchers, Godfrey Winham and Hubert Howe, to update the software Music IVB, completed in 1963. Between 1966 and 1967, then, was realized Music IVBF, where F identifies the final use of Fortran that distinguishes this version from the previous, compared to which, moreover, does not present other significant features.[1]

The previous one – The Music IVBF was among the first programs to use a high-level language among the Music N family, but not the first in absolute sense. This “primacy” is up to the Music IVF of Arthur Roberts, developed in 1965. Even Max Mathews, then, has developed a new software based on Fortran, the Music V. It must be said, finally, that the Music IVBF in later years was converted into a new version called Music 7, by the name of new computers used at Queens College in New York.


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[1] Alex Di Nunzio, Genesi, sviluppo e diffusione del software Music N nella storia della composizione musicale, Tesi di laurea, Università di Bologna: D.A.M.S. Musica, 2010.
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