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Title: Notes from the metalevel: an introduction to computer composition Author: Heinrich Taube Publisher: Routledge Year: 2005 Pages: 348 Heinrich Taube, Associate Professor and Chair of Composition-Theory at School of Music of the University of Illinois, studied at Stanford with John Chowning and Leland Smith, then electronic music with Hans Peter Haller. Throughout his […]

Heinrich Taube – Notes From the Metalevel: an Introduction to ...

Title: Bécs Composer: Fennesz Label: Editions Mego Year: 2014 Duration: 00:43.30 Vote: 7/10 Bécs is without doubt an album of return for the Austrian composer Fennesz: a return to a solo dimension – after the collaboration in 2012 with the piano of Ryuichi Sakamoto – but also a return to […]

Fennesz – Bécs

Title: Computer Music Authors: Vari Label: Nonesuch Year: 1969 Duration: 00:36.01 This LP edition of the Nonesuch Records can be considered one of the first collection of works realized with a computer, following few years after the historic collection signed Decca and titled Music From Mathematics firmata Decca. If the latter brought together some […]

AA. VV. – Computer Music

A new audio effects plugin for the Nanopack series, available on the website of GlitchMachines, the company founded by Ivo Ivanov, sound designer graduated at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, California, who has worked for Ableton and Twisted Tools as well as a developer of custom tools for artists such as Trent Reznor […]

Nanopack: Free Audio Plugins