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Max/Msp (by now simply Max) is a visual programming language for developing software for musical and multimedia applications, available in real time. Today is one of the most important and […]

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MidiFormer, initially called MacsOutiL, are patches developed at Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) interfaced with Max/Msp software. Were born from the idea of using MIDI technology for real-time applications designed […]

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Miller Puckette

Miller Puckette is a U.S. mathematician, famous in the musical context for his developing work of music software. He is the developer of Max/Msp and Pure Data, two of the […]

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Mus10 is a software for computer music belonging to the family of Music N. Was developed at Stanford in the late Seventies by Leland Smith.

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MusBox it’s a music compiler developed to generate command sequences for the Samson Box synthesizer, starting from score file. Has been realized by Gareth Loy at Computer Audio Research Laboratory.

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Music 11

Music 11 is a software sound synthesis developed by Barry Vercoe. It was designed as a compact and simpler version than Music 360, both belonging to Music N programming language […]

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Music 360

The Music 360 is the first, between the music software belonging to the family of Music N, to be realized by Barry Vercoe;┬áhe is now known in particular for the […]

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Music 4C

Music 4C is a sound synthesis software developed in C language. It belongs to the so-called Music N family of programming language for computer music.

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