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Music 7

Music 7 is a sound synthesis software that belongs to Music N family of programming language for computer music. It was developed by Godfrey Winham and Hubert Howe.

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Music II

The Music II is a sound synthesis software for computer music. It is an updated version of The previous Music I, and as the latter belongs to the family of […]

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Music III

The Music III is a sound synthesis software that belongs to the family of Music N. It marked a first turning point in the history of computer music with the […]

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Music IV

Music IV is a sound synthesis software for computer music. In chronological order is the fourth Music N programming language. Less obvious features, than its predecessor Music III, but equally […]

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Music IVB

The Music IVB is a computer music software for sound synthesis. It was the first, among the Music N, to be developed outside of Bell Labs and research conducted by […]

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Music IVF

Music IVF is a sounds synthesis software developed by Arthur Roberts. Belongs to the Music N family and maintains a direct relationship with the Music IV. It was the first […]

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Music N

Music N is an acronym, coined retrospectively, by which commonly indicates a set of computer music languages, developed over forty years. Although made by different people and in different contexts, […]

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Music Programme

Between the end of the forties and the mid-sixties, a series of experiments was conducted in Australia aimed at transforming the computer CSIRAC into a musical instrument, able to compose […]

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Music V

Music V is a sound synthesis software. It is among the best known of the Music N family of computer music programming language. Certainly the first one that had a […]

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Music500 is a music software designed by Miller Puckette in 1983 at MIT, Boston. It was developed for the AP500 vector signal processor. The Music500 is the antecedent of the […]

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