The Synthetic Performer today represents an historical technological adventure, very interesting even for the following research in computer applications for music.

If you want read more about this project developed and realized by Barry Vercoe and Larry Beauregard please follow this internal link.

Now we introduce some resources free available on web. On YouTube has been uploaded a historical video of presentation realized in 1984 for the first public demonstration of the Synthetic Performer at Ircam, Paris. Mr. Vercoe and the flutist Larry Beauregard show the Synthetic Perfomer potentiality, performing a sonata by Georg Friedrich Händel. Watch:

The previous video was realized for the 1984 International Computer Music Conference, to which Barry Vercoe participated with a paper entitled The Synthetic Performer in the Context of Live Performance.

Another paper by the father of the Synthetic Performer: Synthetic Listeners and Synthetic Performers

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