Csound is a computer music software that belongs to the Music N family. The first version was built in the mid-eighties by Barry Vercoe.

I have already written a historical review about the music software developed by Barry Vercoe, and now i’d like to collect some resources available online.

First, the link to the Csound official site http://www.csounds.com/.

Well, I wanna report a pdf document by Richard Boulanger entitled Introduction to Sound Design in Csound (indeed this is an alternative version of the first chapter of the Csound Book). In this document you can also find a link to a zip file of many csd instruments.

People talking in spanish, can have the same previous pdf document already translated: Introducción al Diseño de Sonido en Csound

Richard Bowers wrote a tutorial for a Real-Time CSound Orchestra. You think it is helpful?

A poster by Victor Lazzarini and others for Streaming Frequency-Domain Dafx in Csound 5. Interesting but mazy!

A long pdf document for Csound and Python in italian language. Not for beginner.

Unlike the previous link, Russell Pinkston (School of Music, The University of Texas at Austin) think to the beginners users, with an Introduction to Csound and a list of many Csound examples.

A rich online manual for Csound (available also in pdf version), with many arguments that make it very useful both for beginners and expert users. Interesting sections dedicated to implement Csound with other programming languages such as Max/Msp or Pure Data, and with software like Ableton.

Eugenio Giordani, Professor at Conservatory G. Rossini in Pesaro, has wrote documents which address various topics like Delay Lines and Reverberation, or Granular Synthesis.

A very beginners tutorial.

How To Get Started and some tips for beginners users.

Two tutorials in this zip file realized by Michael Gogins; useful to some as introductions to using Csound in various configurations, and to learning some techniques of algorithmic composition using CsoundAC and Csound.

Basic introduction to Csound, very useful for beginner users… but italian! And again for italian people, some slides by Pino Cappellani as introduction to the programming language developed by Barry Vercoe.

All the numbers of the Csound Journal, free for download.

The Csound catalog of instruments.

The famous Amsterdam Catalog of Csound Computer Instruments

This Eastman Csound Tutorial, in truth, is a complete online book with chapters and appendix for a very useful study of Csound. This tutorial  is designed primarily for students of  the course at the Eastman Computer Music Center (ECMC).

Three eminent tutorials: first, a A Beginning Tutorial by Barry Vercoe, the father of Csound. Next, an Instrument Design Tutorial by one of the most expert csound user, Richard Boulanger. Finally, a FOF Synthesis Tutorial by J.M.Clarke of the University of Huddersfield.

Cecilia was first developed as a “musique concrète” composition system in 1995-96. Now operates on top of Csound. This tutorial guide the user how to use the two programs together.

A collection of Csound codes, ordered in a zip file. Over one hundred of examples on many topics like additive synthesis, MIDI integration with Csound, real-time instruments, granular synthesis, 3D audio and many more in .csd format.

And now also some video tutorial. The first introduces the user to use Max/Msp as controller of a synthesizer realized with Csound:


Five tutorials on Csound e QuteCsound:

Csound and MIDI:

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