M is a software realized in 1984 by Miller Puckette at MIT, Boston. It was designed as a sort of utilities for a previous music software, named Music500. M would simplify to writing the orchestra section.

M and Music500 – In the early Eighties Miller Puckette was still at MIT, Boston, and in those years he developed a software named Music500, the previous of the most noted Max/Msp. We must underline that Miller Puckette did refer, for designing Music500, to the model of Music N programming languages, as for the M software. With M, realized in 1984, Puckette completed the entire Music500 project, to which M is linked, in fact it was used to simplify the writing of the Orchestra section.

Orchestra/Score – Miller Puckette not refuse the Music N partition between the Orchestra and Score section; but his opinion was that this paradigm had to be improved to make the computer a real music instrument, in particular useful in real time.

M – In the end, we have to add that similarity with the Music N model it is clear even with the syntax and for the alphanumeric approach. Analyzing the code, emerges that the Music 11, among the all Music N, is the closest model to which M was inspired.[1] Although M is a very limited software, already could be traced some similarities with Max/Msp.



[1] Miller Puckette, The M Orchestra Language, Proceedings of International Computer Music Conference, Parigi, 1984.
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