If there was time to do a study on the most popular words among the musicians, in the first place probably would find the word jack, and who has grown musically in the garage of his own drummer should know that it is always better to have a few more than they need!

In this case the word JACK does not indicate the notorious cable but certainly retains the concept of connection.

Jack is a programming language, or rather a system that allows you to manage audio data in real time and with low latency, has been developed for Linux, Mac, Windows, and more. It is available as free software and open source.

The main goal of this language is to allow the simultaneous connection of multiple audio software, each independent, so as to be able to work simultaneously. Moreover JACK also allows network management of audio connections. Among the many software that use them we can mention at least Jackbeat, a name that shows all the attachment to this system.

If you’ve ever had the need to use with your sequencer, loops generated with other software, or to register with a virtual recorder outputs from two other virtual devices, then you need of JACK.

Certainly this is not a simple process and immediate but as it is also written on the official website, the work is hard but not impossible. Everything becomes easier if you use the API JACK.

…traditionally it has been hard if not impossible to write audio applications that can share data with each other.

To continue to explore the topic and to start experimenting, here you can find the official site, where you can find many material as manuals, tutorials, and much more. If you want to share your experiences, comments are for you..

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