Title: Computer Music Authors: Vari Label: Nonesuch Year: 1969 Duration: 00:36.01 This LP edition of the Nonesuch Records can be considered one of the first collection of works realized with a computer, following few years after the historic collection signed Decca and titled Music From Mathematics firmata Decca. If the latter brought together some […]

AA. VV. – Computer Music

Title: Cybernetic Serendipity Music Authors: Vari Production: ICA Year: 1968 Tracks: 10 Duration: 0:52.06 Cybernetic Serendipity is considered a real cult event among those interested in the use of technology in the arts. It is an exhibition on cybernetics art organized in London in 1968 by the Polish curator Jasia […]

AA. VV. – Cybernetic Serendipity Music

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Title: Music From Mathematics Authors: Vari Production: Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. Year: 1960 Tracks: 11 Format: Lp 33 Duration: 00:21.54 Before going into the details of this recording, it is good to clarify a precise point: in circulation there are two collections that have the title Music From Mathematics: the first, dated […]

AA. VV. – Music From Mathematics

Title: Bécs Composer: Fennesz Label: Editions Mego Year: 2014 Duration: 00:43.30 Vote: 7/10 Bécs is without doubt an album of return for the Austrian composer Fennesz: a return to a solo dimension – after the collaboration in 2012 with the piano of Ryuichi Sakamoto – but also a return to […]

Fennesz – Bécs