Music 7 is a sound synthesis software that belongs to Music N family of programming language for computer music. It was developed by Godfrey Winham and Hubert Howe.

Background history – It was developed in 1970 by Godfrey Winham and Hubert Howe at Queens College in New York. The Music 7, then, was built by the developers of Music 4B and Music 4bf, for this reason it is only an updated version of these two software. The main problem, in fact, was to integrate the previous work done at Princeton University through an IBM 7094 computer with the XDS SIGMA-7 computer available at Queens College. The name Music 7 derives from the new computer.[1]


For this topic I’ve read:
[1] Alex Di Nunzio, Genesi, sviluppo e  diffusione del software Music N nella storia della composizione informatica, Thesis, Università di Bologna: D.A.M.S. Musica, 2010.

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