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Title: Xenakis Authors: Various Edited by: Enzo Restagno Publisher: EDT Year: 1988 Pages: 315 After the first chapter of Enzo Restagno, you can read an intervention by the Czech writer Milan Kundera, who writes what distinguishes Iannis Xenakis by all the great composers who lived before him: the latter opposed, with their […]

AA. VV. – Xenakis

Title: Electronic and Acoustics Works 1957-1972 Author: Vladimir Ussachevsky Label: New World Records Year: 2007 Duration: 1:03.55 Vladimir Ussachevsky is a very interesting figure in the American music scene of the twentieth century, especially for his deep interest in the many stimuli that have fueled the music of his era.

Vladimir Ussachevsky – Electronic and Acoustics Works 1957-1972