MAX/MSP is a graphical environment useful to develop multimedia applications or software for real-time musical compositions. By now it’s one of the most evolved computer tools, widely used by people interested in computer music.

Official site of Zicarelli’s company Cycling ’74, that distributes the commercial version. You can find many news and an important section (COMMUNITY) that linked to many interesting sections. If you have money, you can also shop the last version of MAX/MSP and many other products! : )

[December 7, 2013] Max Objects Databse, a site designed to find objects, patches, applications, etc… from Max universe

[December 5, 2013] A collection of Max demos oriented on music problems, audio and Midi training:

Pitch Shifting with MAX in real time:

Six pdf tutorial for beginner users; but, as the author writes, for a MAX/MSP user that “knows what an object and a message are”. Six pdf for six lessons: Lesson 1: Making a sound. Lesson 2: Making a chord and a sub-patch. Lesson 3: Arpeggiating a note. Lesson 4: Select object: Decision making. Lesson 5: Basic Max Math. Lesson 6: Metro and Counter objects.

Basic granular synthesis for MAX/MSP:

Getting started with Phidgets in Max/MSP.

Many MAX/MSP YouTube tutorial and exercises from Peter Batchelor’s web site. From Max Fundamentals, for beginner user, to advanced topics.

MAX/MSP Beginner Tutorial as a starting point for people who have never used Max/MSP before. Like me six months ago! : )

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