The Acousmographe was developed in Paris by researchers of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM) and was designed for a graphical representation of electronic music.Now, instead, I would advise some resources available free online. First, start with the official web site.

Then let’s move to a pdf tutorial entitled Tutoriel d’utilisation de l’acousmographe. But this is French!

Well, let’s try another. A very brief tutorial available via the INA official site. But, even this is a French tutorial!

I don’t wanna discourage anyone, but the next tutorial is for italian people! 72 pages articulated in three sections: Introduction, Tutorial (for the most important features) and References (which explains all the functions of the Acousmographe).

The last document is available also in French.

A video that demonstrates the functionality of the Acosumographe with a work by Edgard Varese, Deserts (the YT channel collects all the Acousmographe frames of this beautiful work):

We close with Sound and musical representation, a technical paper by Yann Geslin and Adrien Lefevre, now in English! : )


If you want inform us of new resources, or if you have seen a broken link, please leave a comment or contact us privately, as you like! Thanks!

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