A screenshot with many different windows of Qtractor.
If you are a Linux user, and you are searching a free and open source audio platform like Cubase, Qtractor is a very interesting option. Completely written in C++, this multi-track sequencer have many interesting features, like more blazoned applications.

The Audio/MIDI Multi-Track Sequencer Qtractor

Authors: Various Title: Computer Music From the Outside In Label: Folkways Records Year: 1983 Tracks: 4 + 4 Duration: 00:42:41 It is rare to find an interesting recording project like this, produced by the historic Folkways Records label, which has always been involved in electronic music, despite its name. The […]

AA. VV. – Computer Music From the Outside In

Sodaphonic is a small audio editor available as a web app, free and easy to use.Suitable for those who need a fast audio editing – pass me the expression that perhaps calls procedures far more complex than those possible with this tool. However Sodaphonic was born to perform well the few […]

How Sodaphonic works: a free online audio editor

In the comments of this article, a few months ago, I had been reported by the author, this plug-in for Acousmographe, Aural Sonology, far from new, but still interesting, also because of the links with certain theoretical models developed over the years by some important personalities of contemporary music technology-focused: […]

Aural Sonology, a plug-in for the Acousmographe

The first post of 2016 is dedicated to the great events: February 22 next will be staged Beyond the Fence, the first musical made entirely on the computer. A big creative work commissioned by the British channel Sky Arts and involved the cooperation of many different skills.

The first computer musical: Beyond the Fence

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Some time ago I wrote an article about HPSCHD, a great multimedia performance created by John Cage and Lejaren Hiller in 1969, and designed to celebrate the centenary of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where in previous years were realized important experiments in computer music, like the Illiac Suite, […]

Photostory #4: HPSCHD

Some recent reviews posted here on musicainformatica, and other conversations were born elsewhere, have prompted me to spend some time to those programs, or utilities, developed for the conversion of audio files. In fact, I realized that as much as it is a fairly simple procedure, on the webnet you can […]

Free audio converters

Title: Cybernetic Serendipity: The Computer and the Arts Author: Vari Edited by: Jasia Reichardt Publisher: Studio International Special Issue Year: 1968 Pages: 106 Cybernetic Serendipity is the title of an exhibition that I have elsewhere referred to as a cult event for those interested in using art technology. In 1968 the artist and […]

AA. VV. – Cybernetic Serendipity: The Computer and the Arts

Title: Acoustic Communication Author: Barry Truax Publisher: Ablex Publishing Corporation Year: 1984 (2nd edition 2001) Pages: 244 Barry Truax is a very well-known composer in the field of computer music, both for different works composed with the computer, both for the research carried out since the Seventies around the development of POD […]

Barry Truax – Acoustic Communication

I imagine that most users know that Wikipedia is an inexhaustible source of knowledge where you can find (almost) any information that is worthy of being known. How many of you, however, know that Wikipedia can be transformed into a generator of inexhaustible music? How many of you know that […]

Listen to Wikipedia

Since I deal with the history of computer music as I could not dedicate an article to this subject also? For many readers far from new but definitely important to form a complete picture of what happened at the turn of the fifties.


Almost a year ago I wrote about what had been the first app released by the John Cage Trust, Prepared Piano, created in 2012 to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the American composer. This application is accompanied by another, simply called 4 ’33’ ‘.

Share your silence with 4’33” of John Cage